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Facebook First Internet Drone Flight for UK Remote Areas

fbFacebook has announced that it has completed the first flight of its UK-developed solar-powered, high-altitude drone aircraft known as Aquila, designed to provide internet connectivity to remote regions.

The Aquila was developed over the past two years by the company’s UK-based aerospace unit and will boost the project set up in partnership with other tech firms.

WhatsApp Suspended in Brazil

whattWhatsApp was temporarily suspended in Brazil after a judge said the company had failed to hand over information requested in a criminal investigation.

The third suspension in two years lasted for a few hours, affecting millions of users.

But Supreme Court judge Ricardo Lewandowski later lifted the nationwide blockage, saying it was disproportionate.

Apply for Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP)

download1Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) promote capacity building within organisations in 51 countries by providing fellowships for training and education for professionals. The NFP is initiated and fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the budget for development cooperation.

The NFP has three sub programmes for individual fellowships: