Benefits of using is an online Technology solution that enhances the job market in the way organisations outsource for Projects. It is a smarter way to hire teams, with a pool of selected freelancers to showcase their skills.


  • For faster hiring: Find, interview and select freelancers who are ready to work right away.
  • Better collaboration. We’re making work simpler and more productive. Includes chat and email.
  • Larger teams. Shared team work spaces will make it easier for multiple freelancers and clients to collaborate. Business can create and engage large freelance teams quickly, safely, and in compliance.
  • Increase Professional growth.
  • Provide Affordable help for small businesses’s unique Benefits includes:

  • Unique and attractive features on our online platform.
  • Our prices are set by the freelancers and the clients also set their prices for bidding.
  • Our quality structured platform, is designed for easy accessibility and user friendly
  • Our platform has new technology features that monitors working activities compared to our competitors
  • What differentiates our service with that of or competitors is that our platform is specific tailored to IT Skilled Freelancers for any organisation interested in outsourcing their IT projects.
  • Free Membership and no payment to sign up
  • Clients pay on completion of work done
  • Better value to customers in terms of efficiency or ROI or cost/benefit ratios
  • Greater compatibility with existing systems
  • Easy signup system
  • Offline payment option
  • Continues update to make sure that all pages on the website are function able
  • Partnerships with Technical Tailored Organisations for providing trained and tested skilled Programmers.
  • We offer 3 times review of work done by freelancers if 1st attempt is not satisfactory by the clients
  • Trained qualified staffs to help our customers achieve results without wasting much time.
  • Quick delivery rate set by the client
  • Low cost prices for services.
  • Benefits includes, increase and continuous designs, maintain good internal and external communication between clients and satisfaction of services delivered.
  • Our designs is clean, stylish, professional and most importantly, effective and responsive with you can view on any mobile device.
  • Clear payment in percentage billing on progress of work. Always get paid for the hours you work. For every deliverable there’s a program in place to ensure payment.
  • Step by step checklist of work deliverables
  • Offline Outsourcing Trained and experienced Interns and short term/Contract IT staffs to Businesses. also provides offline recruitment and employability trainings



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