Opera and Google bring out Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Nigeria

images (7)Opera has partnered with Google to boost access to – and usage of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for mobile subscribers in Nigeria. PWAs start out in web browsers, just like normal websites. When a user continuously uses the site, an install banner is shown, allowing users to add the site to their home screens.

In Nigeria users are cost conscious and often do not download apps and are averse to updates – the trend is to ‘side-load’ apps from PCs where they are already installed on to mobile phones. PWAs provide the convenience of an app, including push notifications, along with faster speeds and offline support; without the data cost. PWAs also take up less storage space than traditional applications making them ideal for use on budget smartphones.

PWAs only request these permissions when needed, allowing users to better control their privacy.

PWAs offer a great new way for developers and businesses in Nigeria to reach users right in the web browser, without requiring them to download additional apps –  and all that in a very lightweight, user friendly package.

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