LG to start producing it’s own processors in Intel factories in 2017

images (8)Tech giant LG would soon be joining others like Samsung and Huawei to make it’s own mobile processors.

This announcement was made by Intel at the ongoing Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, highlighting the new agreement between Intel and chip designers ARM.

LG will be using Intel’s next-generation 10-nanometer manufacturing technology, a thinner version that will launch in 2017.

There are a lot of advantages to this new development as long as these new processors can keep pace with those from the competition.

Companies like Huawei, have been using subsidiaries like HiSilicon, to produce their own Kirin-branded chips, while Samsung and Apple have continued with their Exynos and A-series processors on their flagship devices.
This is definitely bad news for Qualcomm, who have been the suppliers of processors for LG’s phones.
Spreadtrum, the company responsible for processors found on budget devices like the Galaxy Tab A from Samsung, is one of the other companies who will be taking advantage of its deal with ARM.


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