4 ways Modern Technology Impacted the Nigerian elections

elec1. Rigging not likely

Rigging during elections is an electoral tactic in Nigeria. ‘Rigging’ is Electoral fraud or illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, the word used to describe the major electoral malpractice in which votes are massively cast for a candidate.

2015 elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) introduced the permanent voter card (PVC) reader – something that unsettled several politicians who allegedly relied on rigging to win.

The first thing the card reader does is to authenticate voter cards and it match each card to the holder via confirmation and matching of thumbprints. Since not all registered voters will eventually vote, it introduced new indices including total number of accredited users which means no matter how much the politician’s rig they cannot go above the total number of accredited voters which are verified by the card readers or such results would be cancelled.

2. Online Conversations and Advertising

Politicians joined the growing online community for their campaign strategy. Political office hopefuls and their supporters have taken to twitter and sent out political messages with hashtags.

An overwhelming torrent of websites and apps also dot the internet designed by political parties to reach supporters. Individuals and civil organisations are also driving conversation via the internet.

  1. Electronic Smart Card Readers

Hoping to curb electoral irregularities, INEC (Nigeria’s electoral regulatory body) has deployed smart card readers to verify the authenticity of the permanent voter’s card at the polling booths. The smart card reader doesn’t just authenticate the card, it also allows for the biometric authentication of the legitimacy of the smart card holder, at least in theory. However, most of these readers failed to work during the elections.

  1. Internet and live TV

The internet and TV is now a core element of modern political campaigns. Television helps to further and better convey the message using adverts and while watching the TV host commentaries.

Source: techcabal.com

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