IT Career Paths for Fresh Graduates

careerInformation Technology continues to change the way we live and do business, almost every business needs one sort of IT Infrastructure or service.

The dominance of the IT job market is due because of numerous factors, including prolific growth of the Internet and e-commerce which in the last 3 years has taken a rise in Nigeria, lower hardware.

Software prices lowering and allowing more businesses to upgrade their technology, increased demand for information security specialists spurred by the escalating frequency and sophistication of cyber-crimes, the advent of smarter applications enabling companies to analyse data and develop business intelligence, and the dawn of the mobile computing era.

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For established IT professionals or those beginning their IT career, this continues to be good news. However, despite rapid growth and increased opportunity, simply showing up will not guarantee success. This is why it is important to clearly identify your career objectives and develop a learning plan with the necessary skills and IT Career knowledge to start and build a competitive edge and achieve your goals.

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Below are paths in IT you can specialise to give you an edge in the technology job market which will continue to get more competitive as people go where the money and jobs are.

Information Security

Network and Cloud Technologies

Hardware, Services and Infrastructure

IT Management and Strategy

Storage and Data

Web and Mobile

Software Development

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