How to Find and Get your Nigeria Address Postcode

nipostThis is a step to an amazing future ahead of us. Nigerian Postal Services still works despite internet / email and other Delivery services in the Business (DHL, UPS, FEDEX). The NPS still offers P.O Box addresses amongst other services for individuals and corporations.

Most Nigerians don’t really know their Postal Codes for their address, and this is always required when you fill forms online for jobs, memberships, applications or register on a website, you are required to fill in your Postal code. Nigeria’s POSTAL code is Not 234 rather +234 is the International Dialling Code for Nigerian phone numbers.

Each main postal head office in every region has a postal code that ends with 00001. Example, Garki main Head Office in Abuja postal code is 970001, Ikeja main Head Office in Lagos postal code is 100001 and Port Harcourt main Head office in Rivers postal code is 500001. The lowest postcode is 100001 while the highest is 9820002.
Post codes are required to make locating a post office near you easier, so that your letters and packages can be easily delivered. It is used to group areas in a city, using Google maps for navigation and finding residential / office addresses.

Follow these steps to find your Nigerian Post code:
1) Visit the New Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Website and select Urban Postal code search for cities or Rural postal code search for villages.








2) Select required State, Town / Local Government Area and finally click GET POST CODE button and your correct postal / zip will be shown to you



Use this link to check your postcode



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